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Shared Lines: Kaikōura screening

11 FEB 6 - 8PM


Image: Louie Zalk-Neale performance photographed by Jennifer Shields

MEANWHILE & Shared Lines Collaborative invites you to a Shared Lines: Kaikōura screening. The screening will include documentation of performances by; Louie Zalk-Neale, Fantasing & Binge Culture’s ‘Whales’ as well as recordings of Sora-Ami (All shot and edited by John Lake).


Shared Lines: Kaikōura (SL:K) took place over a week in February 2019, its aim being to highlight the role of art in building resilient, inclusive and vibrant communities two years on from the 2016 earthquake. The arts festival included an exhibition of over 100 works, a programme of workshops; performances; public art tours; a bike parade; poetry readings and a symposium. 


Shared Lines emerged out of the earthquake events that devastated Canterbury, New Zealand, and Fukushima, Japan in 2011. Artists are often the first to act after disasters to facilitate healing and contribute to the resilience of a community, thus Shared Lines was born from the desire of artists in Christchurch and Sendai to reach out to each other in order to support and share experiences. The resulting  art exchange has since become the basis of a broader project to foster relationships and discussions in and between cities that have experienced disasters of all kinds all around the Pacific Rim.


We are excited to present these works in their full duration a year on from SL:K and just before some members of SLC head off to Japan to present the fifth iteration of Shared Lines; Shared Lines: Sendai.


For more information about Shared Lines: Kaikōura and SLC’s previous projects please take a look at:


This event is free but there will be limited seating available. Please B.Y.O if you would like an alcoholic beverage, light snacks will be provided.


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