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2 AUGUST 2019


"The Playhouse is a safe space to explore play in all of its forms and glory. This is a place to test ideas, draw, experiment with new languages, make believe and allow your child-self to take the wheel. We also make you food. Real children are also welcome.

What to bring -
Bring objects, toys, instruments, blankets, cardboard, pens, paper and anything else you like! Anything can be played with.

Timing -
We've intentionally created a four hour workshop so that we have time to go deep into the play process. If you cant make it for the whole time thats also ok - just let us know.

Food -
All food is fully vegan and homemade. If you have special dietary requirements please let us know in advance.

Cost -
Free / Koha

It's important that all participants feel safe at the playhouse. If you have any concerns or questions before, during or after the event please don't hesitate to speak to either Joanne ( Adam ( or Amber (MEANWHILE Facilitator) (

Arohanui and thanks
Adam and Joanne"

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