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We began our Patreon to reduce rent for our studio artists affected financially by COVID-19, and thus help MEANWHILE continue to sustainably support emerging arts practitioners.


We are very grateful for all support we continue to receive via Patreon.

Our Patreon was originally as an accompaniment to a new online programme; isolated in/sites; in response to Aotearoa's Covid-19 lock down


isolated in/sites was a weekly online programme of projects by - and insights from - members of the MEANWHILE community. Each week a different member of our community took over our social media channels & our website to share stories, thoughts or recent work during the lockdown period in Aotearoa. The programme provided space for sharing and accessing evolving art practices, even when art practitioners may have been separated from their communities.


Using Patreon isolated in/sites also successfully reduced rent for all of MEANWHILE’s studio artists during a time of financial hardship.

Although launched in association with our Patreon, the content presented as part of isolated in/sites was available and accessible to all of our online followers.


At the heart of MEANWHILE is our gallery space at 99 Willis Street. Our rent here is funded in two pasrts by our programme & maintenance budget (acquired through grants & fundraisers), and maintained by studio rent from our 8 studio artists.

MEANWHILE’s mission & vision is to support emerging artists both local to Te Whanganui-a-Tara and nationally in Aotearoa. Although we are no longer under lockdown in Aotearoa, MEANWHILE continues to work on ways to support our studio artists and our wider art communities. By supporting us via Patreon you can contribute to the growth and support of emerging contemporary art practices in Aotearoa. We are so grateful for assistance regardless of financial value. We love our community x

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