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viewing contract



Opening night 5:30PM October 20th


viewing contract is an exhibition reflecting on a promise made between two ex-lovers. Bound by contract, Liam (post break-up) has agreed to uphold a promise made by Liam (in a committed relationship).


Following the specific terms of said contract, this mixed media installation invites viewers into a space that holds a commitment and the ongoing process of fulfilling an agreement. This rigid and obsessive journey spans over a year already and continues to raise questions around arts ability to act as a coping mechanism. viewing contract, not only seeks to help Liam in regard to their heartbreak but, also provides insight into how their personal life informs and shifts their practice. The blurred line between their life and artmaking, opens up discussion around public/private spaces and gives room for an unfiltered queer story to be heard.


Liam Mooney (he/they) is an artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau. Liam graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (2020) and just completed a Master of Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology.


Through installation and performance, his practice navigates through his past, present and future as a gay man living within a heterosexual dominated world. They embody past narratives, are influenced by their every day, and manipulate the conversations they have between their body, time, and space. Liam develops models of thinking through the representation of themselves within his artwork – expressing an unapologetic vulnerability and exploring the tension between his private and public spaces.


Poster design by Samantha Mitchell

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