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MEANWHILE office party


Abe Hollingsworth, Amber Clausner, Dilohana Lekamge, Ilish Thomas, Jesse Bowling, Jordana Bragg, Justine Walker, Laura Duffy, Louisa Beatty, Maddy Plimmer, Mia Gaudin, Mia Vinaccia, Nicholas Burry, Nik Sala, Rebekah Bakker, Robbie Handcock, Robert Laking, Ruby Ewe, Sabina Rizos-Shaw, Sean Burn, Sian Stephens, Sonya Lacey.


The office party is a release valve. It’s a chance for decorum to be briefly suspended, and, with the help of alcohol, for all the emotional, sexual, and political trouble of professional life to unleash itself among members of a workforce. Sustained proximity breeds weird feelings. Wild things happen at the office party. Alliances shift. Reputations are sacrificed. Some relationships are mended, some strengthened, some wounded. The office party is also a chance to congratulate hard work, to celebrate those who make possible whatever enterprise the office is engaged in.


We’re in the enterprise of art. This year, MEANWHILE has supported 23 artist projects including exhibitions, workshops and performances. We’ve hosted 15 studio artists, and relied on the support of our dedicated team of volunteers to carry out this work. We’ve adopted a Safer Spaces policy, and clarified and published our Mission and Vision. We’ve remained committed to creating a community in which radical ideas might be tested, in which voices not heard elsewhere might be championed, in which people feel safe to experiment, and to fail.


MEANWHILE’s annual studio artist and volunteer show is a chance to showcase the work that takes place behind the gallery walls, by bringing together studio artists, facilitators and volunteers past and present. It’s a chance to be among friends, colleagues and acquaintances and toast the year off, to thank our supporters (including the Creative Communities Scheme and everyone who donated to our Boosted campaign), to reflect on who we’ve been and what we’ve done and to look forward to what we may do and who we hope to become. Thanks for joining us. We’re delighted you came.

With support from Sawmill Brewery and Mean Doses.

Poster designed by Abe Hollingsworth.

Laura Duffy MEANWHILE art.jpg
MEANWHILE office party
Laua Duffy MEANWHILE Jordana BRagg
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