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Nooscope 2.0



Copy of Nooscope2.0-AnnaTokareva-Instagr

MEANWHILE is proud to present the online exhibition Nooscope 2.0 by Anna Tokareva.

Nooscope 2.0 is an evolution of, and a resistance to, the Nooscope - a vision of planetary scale computation outlined in a 2012 Russian pseudoscientific paper and slide deck. The Nooscope, is a mega-archive of sorts: a depository of Big Data on global transactions between humans, electronic devices, and extraction of the Earth’s natural resources.

This online exhibition is an archival conglomeration of ‘factual’ findings, fictional speculations, illustrations, and theories relating to the Nooscope. This process of re-archiving can be seen as a critique of the original collection. Narratives can be deflected to follow divergent channels, offering alternative possibilities, or pauses for thought. Nooscope 2.0 seizes the slippages incurred in this process, building a parasitic network of feed-forward infiltration that ingests and reappropriates the Nooscope’s purported objectives.

To reflect the 7 realms of Nooscope 2.0, one layer will be released on the site every other day creating a growing archive that can be reconfigured by the user.

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