6 - 20 DECEMBER 2019 

In 2016, the name MEANWHILE was given to an Artist Run Initiative starting in Te Whanganui-a-Tara as a way of reflecting its temporality. During the 3 years since then, MEANWHILE has hosted nearly 90 projects with over 150 artists, writers and curators. The name has stuck, but it no longer reflects an imminent ending. Now nestled in a corner of Willis Street with suits walking below and elevating above, MEANWHILE can often feel compressed between concrete and revenue. A space to present the moments in-between, the voices marginalised and the projects yet unrealised; a place of play and experimentation, meanwhile the city outside works and eats and sleeps.

(In)corporate party is the celebration of ‘MEANWHILE 24/7’ becoming an incorporated society this year. This certification will allow us to open a business bank account, apply for a wider variety of funding opportunities and answer the question; ‘What is MEANWHILE?’ with a little more conviction. Incorporation has two definitions. One is the process of constituting a company or other organisation as a legal corporation. (Yawn). The second; the inclusion of something as part of a whole - to take in, to swallow up. So, as long as we disguise ourselves in collared shirts with sleeves too long, heavy briefcases and ill-fitting jackets, incorporating will give us the ability to sustainably support the swallowing up of local creativity and innovation and continue business at Level 2 99 Willis Street as normal (with predictions of exponential growth!).​

This end of year show is also an opportunity to recognise and thank all of the 2019 studio artists, volunteers, facilitators and supporters of MEANWHILE for all of their hard work and their contribution to the wider Te Whanganui-a-Tara creative community. MEANWHILE would also like to thank Wellington City Council, ABACA, Rod Hill Cakes, Mean Doses, Louie Neale, our designer Axel Olsthoorn and all of the artists involved that have helped to make (In)corporating a party this year.


Rebecca Blount 

Georgette Brown

Vee Collerton-Mckay

Barnaby Coppen

Amber Clausner

Christian Dimick

Laura Duffy

Simon Gennard

Nathan Gordon-Stables

Maria Alice Iles

Robert Laking

Nicholas Males

Robbie Motion

Melina Payne

Sabina Rizos-Shaw

Cooki Stains

Sian Stephens

Ruby Urquhart

Mia Vinaccia

Justine Walker

Ruby Moana Wilkinson 

Aliyah Winter


All images by Mia Vinaccia


Level 2, 99 Willis Street

Te Aro, Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington

Thursday - Saturday   11am - 2pm

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