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CLUB 290

11 OCTOBER 2019


HOT GIG FOR ART was a fundraiser gig to help get MEANWHILE & Aliyah Winter to Hobart for HOBEINNALE 2019. The gig included performances by Wellington bands; WOMB, STRANGE STAINS, CRONE, O1L & RAG and LOVE RUSH with visuals provided by Hyph4e and GAY FAMOUS. Poster design by Haz Forrester.

** WOMB ***
Womb are a three-piece ethereal-wave band hailing from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Aotearoa. Featuring Charlotte Forrester on vocals and guitar, Haz Forrester on synth, and Georgette Brown on drums, the three siblings once upon a time inhabited the same womb, and have now come together as a band. Womb creates oceans of sound – from alt-folk soundscapes to the outer boundaries of dream-pop, where swirling synthesisers intersect with tenderly plucked guitars and otherworldly singing. Rooted in folk while reaching to the edges of the sonic stratosphere, Womb’s music is a textural, emotional soundscape that effortlessly blends into a myriad of settings, blissing out audiences upon grassy fields, in dive bars, or encapsulated in an astronomical observatory.

Strange Stains is one of the many projects of Cooki Stains; producer, singer, visual artist, and designer. Cooki grew up in Rotorua, a sulphurous, thermal hotspot of bubbling stench and mineral beauty, they now reside in Te Whanganui-a-Tara, the earthquake prone capital of Aotearoa. Their singular approach, and excitable energy, bring mesmerising and luscious performances of industrial-pop soundscapes that encourage footloose abandon. Homemade Ableton beats, and drum machine & their faithful synth are just some of the tools used in crafting fresh aural stains that amplify the poetry of this bogan Madonna.

** CRONE **
Crone is the sci-fi goth duo Emily Berryman & Lucy Reid. Birthed in the cold depths of Ōtepoti Aotearoa, they are now based in the capital city Te Whanganui-a-Tara where they spent their first year concocting tracks from the spectral confines of an old fish chiller. Crone’s sound is underpinned by a sustained sense of drama, stirring effected live loops and samples into an intoxicating mix that evokes the space in between dance and drone, dark and melancholic.

* O1L & R4G *
O1L & R4G is a hot new duo who walked out of the icy waters of island gay drenched in OIL this hot new duo is oily and raggy af xox

LOVE RUSH is a sexy young duo of hot art babies who love 2 DJ your fav songs xoxo

** Hyph4e **
Hyph4e is a lil binch from Tairawhiti who has been living and laughing in Te Whanganui A Tara’s winds for ages. She whipps out Sexy and yucky videos & was honoured to VJ throughout Womb&StrangeStainsChinaTour earlier in 2019 x

VJ _is a a true bottom posing as a top._ is a prominent bi._is an accomplished top and a bottom in training_

Photos by Anna Persson

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