MEANWHILE is delighted to host Laura Duffy's opening event, a video screening and online counterpart launch for 'Garden of Purity, open your mouth wide and i will fill it', exhibited in Courtenay Place Light boxes. ✨


~ VJ with love from mother. ~ Dj HRCLS. ~ written contribution by Johann Kettle. 

Garden of Purity, Open Your Mouth Wide And I Will Fill It considers how we read and ingest imagery, drawing links through history from art history to advertising. Duffy sees the works as being a layered conversation about Catholicism, advertising, abjection, and queerness. She uses edible materials as a starting point for the series of digitally manipulated photographs in the light boxes and online video works. The series intends to prompt questions about traditional notions of beauty and divinity by blurring the lines between repulsion and desire.

Garden of Purity, Open Your Mouth Wide And I Will Fill It runs from August 25th until 10th December, 2018. 


Events Photography by Mia Vinaccia



Theoretically, a show should always be strong enough to stand on its own – not leaning heavily on the press release and wall text (hoping that the two will carry its weight) ​I don’t mean to generalize – there are, of course, exceptions. But isn’t it just so satisfying when a show can hit that sweet balance between aesthetic and meaning? When meaning is scattered amongst aesthetic and not just spoon fed upon entry?


Laura Duffy’s opening event and video screening, “Garden of Purity” at MEANWHILE hit that sweet spot. I entered and was immediately transfixed. Feeling repulsed and a little turned on, I slithered between the screens trying not to fall into them. I felt as though I was bathing in the work, I could feel the elements on my skin.


Seven videos glowed warmly in the dark; a couple stretched and projected on walls whilst others sat cushioned on the ground. I watched as the elements bent and oozed, and was oddly reminded of that childhood game (you know the one)


Crack an egg on your head, let the yolk run down

Let the yolk run down,

Let the yolk run down

- I can’t quite explain it.


The feeling Laura’s work gave me.


It was all so grossly satisfying, so sinfully seductive. And all the while, I had to navigate morality I had to question the very Catholic binary of good versus bad moral versus immoral pure versus impure - I thought about having a cracker and blue cheese before leaving and changed my mind



Melina Payne - 23/10/18 


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