22 JULY - 23 JULY 2018

Damp Ocean presents two (2) public workshop events at MEANWHILE
1. Writing World and 
2. Reading World.

Based on their two (2) forthcoming books for 2018: Earth Floor and Sick Bay, these two events deal with the approaches and processes developed in the two books respectively. 

This two-part series is about the relationship between media and experience, text and reality. In a reversal of the usual workshops about how to make; Damp Ocean is about how to unmake. Trace the steps of creativity back from object to experience. Turn the overwhelming abundance of information back into an abundance of experience. 

We have learned to rely heavily on information and media for our sense of who we are: values, culture, language, perception; all come extremely mediated. Making more books does not resolve this tension: without being turned back into affect. So we can’t stay in the cloud forever, we have to come back down to earth (floor). 

This first workshop Writing World focuses on the active side of how world can be scripted or inscribed upon: affect, output, mark making. 

The workshop will take you through a series of activities and exercises, in how any textual material or media can be applied back to life; brought into the world, and become functional material: become real.


Level 2, 99 Willis Street

Te Aro, Te Whanganui-a-Tara, Wellington

Thursday - Saturday   11am - 2pm

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