Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, MEANWHILE  will not be accepting proposals for events or MEANWHILE MONDAYS workshops until further notice. In the meantime we are still open to expressions of interest from writers and for our online project 'isolated in/site' 


You can find out more information about each category below. Please submit all expressions of interest via email to hello@meanwhile.gallery


MEANWHILE is a mean place to host a public event. In the past we have hosted screenings, performances, poetry readings, launches, workshops, community gatherings, discussions and more. Intrinsic to MEANWHILE’s kaupapa is the supporting of emerging creatives that would not be able to expand their practice without the use of MEANWHILE’s gallery space for free. Our space is therefore free to use if any sales made as part of any event are not-for-profit or are going towards worthwhile charities. To protect our sustainability as a volunteer run organisation, if your event falls outside of this description we may ask you for a reasonable donation to host your event at MEANWHILE. Equally, it is important that events hosted at MEANWHILE are accessible to everyone, so all events proposed must be non-ticketed and adhere to our Safer Spaces Policy, which can be found here (link).


To enquire about hosting an event at MEANWHILE, please send us an email containing:

  • An outline of your event (no more than 300 words)

  • Proposed date(s) and times

  • Any relevant supporting material 


Please submit your proposal to hello@meanwhile.gallery with ‘EVENT 2020’ as the subject line. There is no deadline for your submission as event enquiries will be open throughout the entire year.


MEANWHILE MONDAYS is an ongoing show-and-tell programme that hosts informal discussions, skill share workshops, critiques, experimental one-off projects, talks and presentations. These sessions can be hosted in MEANWHILE’s gallery space or off site on any chosen Monday of the month. 


If you have a workshop idea, discussion topic or something completely new that you would like to bring to MEANWHILE MONDAYS programming please send an email to hello@meanwhile.gallery with the subject line ‘MEANWHILE MONDAYS 2020’. In this email please include a short description of your MEANWHILE MONDAYS idea and any relevant supporting material if required. 


There is no deadline for your submission as MWM enquiries will be open throughout the entire year.


MEANWHILE is excited to collaborate with emerging art, journalistic and experimental writers to host a regular schedule of texts published on the MEANWHILE website. Texts may include (but are not limited to); interviews, reviews, experimental fiction & non-fiction, academic essays, news and poetry. We are also interested in pairing art writers with relevant curatorial projects hosted by MEANWHILE as a way of archiving exhibitions and giving projects longevity.


If you have a pre-existing text that you would like to submit for publishing on MEANWHILE’s website please send us an email to hello@meanwhile.gallery with ‘WRITERS 2020‘ as the subject line with a breif introduction to the text and a 500 word extract.


If you are interested in writing in collaboration with MEANWHILE’s 2020 programme, please send us an example of your previous writing (in the form of an introduction and 500 word extract of a chosen text accompanied by any online portfolio)  in an email to hello@meanwhile.gallery with ‘WRITERS 2020‘ as the subject line.

Interest in writing contributions are welcome throughout 2020