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Hi Hi Walls presents new paintings by Teresa Collins, alongside works by Negin Dastgheib and Olly Zander Jones

This body of work by Teresa Collins comes out of a period of collecting, musing and experimenting with found material in painted media over the course of the year – one which has been defined by certain spaces and resources. The paintings are based on patterns found in fabric scraps, though this reference has been blurred with both the making process and with external catalysts; the facade of a painted landscape made from a window frame, a cabinet painted with clouds in the backroom of the Aro Valley community centre. These works reflect a space where different references, timelines and ways of working are intersecting, they are also in conversation with the practices of two other artists residing in Pōneke.

Negin Dastgheib is a painter currently making prolific and vibrant florals, which come from the heart. Olly Zander-Jones has watched the sunrise, walked in the Tararua Ranges, and painted in ways which express some of these environments and experiences. Both these artists communicate through a clear, generous and emotive
visual language within an abstract space – which can be an evasive territory. 


This exhibition hosts an open-ended conversation surrounding painting, with aims to share perspectives and content explored in this medium. An extended group of artists based in Pōneke were asked to respond and share their approaches – this conversation can be found in the publication and public programmes connected to
the show.


Negin Dastgheib is a painter and arts therapist based in Pōneke, originally from Ōtautahi. Negin’s paintings depict flowers and plant matter, using sensuality as a form of awareness and connection to our body and encouraging openness to receiving stimulation from external environments. Negin recently held a solo exhibition Rising at Page Galleries in Wellington.

Olly Zander-Jones is a painter based in Pōneke / Wellington, graduating from Massey University Whiti O-Rehua in 2019. Olly’s paintings are informed by natural environments and experiences, often employing symbols and processes to represent physical or ontological space. Olly’s recent exhibitions include Vertical Futures at Precinct 35 and Ghost Stars at Kleinerfelt Gallery in Melbourne.

Teresa Collins is an artist based in Pōneke / Wellington who’s practice includes painting and sculpture alongside curation. Teresa’s practice draws from found objects and materials in the immediate environment, and re-imagines them in new contexts. Recent Exhibitions include 6021 /1052 at Window Gallery in Tāmaki Makaurau and Art at Home in Pōneke.


Alongside Hi Hi Walls, MEANWHILE hosted two events: STILL LIFE and Hi Hi Walls Closing Conversation.

STILL LIFE was a free still life painting and drawing workshop hosted by Negin Dastgheib and Teresa Collins, and was hosted on 14 November, 2020. Hi Hi Walls Closing Conversation was a conversation between exhibiting artists Olly Zander-Jones, Negin Dastgheib and Teresa Collins, artist and Massey University lecturer Simon Morris and MEANWHILE Managing Director Melina Payne. This was hosted on 25 November, 2020.

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