week 2

jj harper

From the 13 April 2020 onwards MEANWHILE will be presenting a new online programme; isolated in/sites, in response to the current global pandemic. Each week a different member of our community will take over our social media channels & our website to share stories, thoughts or recent work during this new normal now.


As an accompaniment to our newly launched Patreon, this programme aims to collaboratively reduce rent for all of MEANWHILE’s studio artists whilst also providing space for sharing and accessing evolving art practices. Although launched in association with our Patreon, the content presented as part of isolated in/sites will be available and accessible to all of our online followers.

Follow us on instagram (@meanwhile_gallery), facebook (@MEANWHILE.gallery) and check back here to keep up to date with isolated in/sites and what our community is up too. In the meantime, take a look at our Patreon, or see how you can get involved & support us !

For the second week of isolated in/sites we will be hosting work by MEANWHILE studio artist; JJ Harper.

JJ Harper is a bitch, a lover, a mother, a sinner and a saint. This week he will be sharing some videos, texts & cooking reflecting on this wretched quar.

Follow us on Instagram @meanwhile_gallery to keep up with JJ's insights until the 23rd april.