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24 APRIL 2019



























Congrats on your versatility imagines new avenues in the formation of identity. In an environment that favours heterosexuality, individuals can morph their character to suit the standards of a straight context. Gordon-Stables investigates the processes queer communities use to challenge this unfortunate pattern, in order to form new realities that are better suited to them. This series of colourful cinematic shorts is part of a two-year project that comically responds to contemporary power dynamics within queer communities.

At the core of the artist’s queer optimism is the belief that people are effectively emotionally incoherent. These works magnify romantic and platonic queer relationships - exploring the desire, love, longing, loss and turmoil, that occur in all of them.

About the artist:
Nathaniel Gordon-Stables is an artist based in Wellington and a Facilitator at MEANWHILE. Recent exhibitions include WORRY WORKS / UPPER LIP RESIDUE (group show), The Engine Room and ENTERPRISE18 (group show), CLUB 290.

Many thanks to:
JPALM for costuming Congrats on your Vers!
Bobby Corica for lighting/camera and for being an Overall Angel.
Helios for letting me take up space
All actors that lent me their gorgeous time, Guy Morais, Brydie Gallen, Samantha Mc Laughlin, Axel Olsthoorn.

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